5 Pillars of a Good Life

WARNING! This is a LONG post, but it's supposed to cover everything this blog is about, so feel free to scroll as fast as your well trained finger lets you, and stop wherever something catches your eye! This post is about the 5 pillars I measure my life through. They are the backbone of this … Continue reading 5 Pillars of a Good Life

Why you need emptiness

We need emptiness to collect our thoughts.  Imagine your mind like a jigsaw puzzle. Every bit of information you encounter throughout the day is another piece added.  They fly around in your mind, unorganised.  In this day and age, information is easy to get hold of.  And the more information you collect, the more pieces … Continue reading Why you need emptiness

Why perfection is keeping you from progress

It's normal for us to overthink things whenever we have a dream. Perfection is always in our idea of peak achievement, whether it's sitting on a beach sipping Coronas or directing billions of dollars from a corner office. The perfect desk, the perfect idea, the perfect partner with a perfect body enjoying perfect conversation with … Continue reading Why perfection is keeping you from progress