I’ve figured out what makes me the happiest. Surprisingly, it’s not going 100 miles an hour. Not waking up at 5 running to the gym, forcefully meditating, spitting out gratefulness on a piece of paper while chugging down green juice. It’s not getting promoted at work, getting likes on a post, finishing a project. These things, they all make me move forward. But they’re not happiness.

Happiness is what I feel when I come home from a long day and see the people I love. It’s baking bread on a Saturday. It’s a swim in the lake, it’s a walk in the park at lunch at work. It’s reading a book.

None of these things are stressful.

We do the stressful things because we believe that if we do them well enough we will reach a life situation where we can finally do the things that truly make us happy.

But the things that truly make us happy, in the end, they’re always there. Everywhere. At arms length.


Decide to be happy first. Then everything else.

Take care of your loved ones.

Be outside often.

Take reasonable responsibility for your life – physically, financially, and clean your home.

Learn something.

Have fun.

That’s it.

This article was originally posted on www.stillstupid.blog

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