Every morning at 5, I wake up and I start writing something for this blog. With half opened eyes, I start punching the keys. I do it because I’ve decided to give this a shot for at least a year, and with my current day job, 5 to 7 every morning is the only time I have.

When I’ve written for two hours, my mind is racing. My thoughts continue to dwell on possible improvements or ideas, even after I’m supposed to move on to another task. The thoughts stay with me in the shower, when having breakfast, at my commute.

And that is okay.

It’s good to dwell, it’s just our mind working things out. If I had the time, I would spend hours walking in nature, dwelling.

It’s good to dwell sometimes.

But once I get to my day job, I need to stop. Otherwise my performance will be impaired. That is when I use the phrase:

This is also important

The phrase tells my brain that now it’s time for something else. We leave the other thoughts for a better time. Now, when we’ve walked into the doors of our office, it is time to focus on our day job. Because even though we would like to focus on a creative endeavor fully, at some point, we need to perform our best right now at the place where we have to spend 8 hours every day. If we don’t, we will feel trapped and hate our time there.

But if we decide to go fully into it, our day job will feel more like a worthy pursuit, and then we will thrive and we will get better tasks and learn more and get paid more. All which we later can use to our creative endeavor.

Your day job. As long as you’re still there. Give it your all.

That is a side note. We all have priority problems. But what is important here is the ability to change tasks quickly. It is the only way forward if you want to achieve multiple things in life.

You cannot focus on your tinder date at the gym.

You cannot think about what you will cook tonight when you’re writing.

You shouldn’t plan your day while meditating.

Whenever you change task, drop what’s been before and say to yourself:

This is also important

This article was originally posted on www.stillstupid.blog

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