We have to celebrate the small wins in life. Trying to lift a blog off the ground has proven way harder than I thought (and I love the challenge!), so it’s always good to be reassured to keep writing. I shared this post on Reddit a few days ago, and it’s taken off! With 1.1k upvotes and 3 silver and a gold, the post is now the most viewed in r/selfimprovement this month.

Here’s a link to the Reddit post.

Except the attention this could bring to the blog in the future, which I’m truly grateful for — I love to read the comments from people, and see that I’m actually helping some of them. That is ultimately why I started this blog, and why I will keep writing for a long time no matter what happens.

I have a longer post coming out soon that I’ve worked on for a while. The idea is to define what this blog is about. Keep your eyes open!

This article was originally posted on www.stillstupid.blog

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