When you have money left after all your monthly expenses (and a bit of fun), what do you do with it? A smart person would say you invest it. You buy some stocks or Bitcoin or lend it to someone with a bit of interest. You put it back into your business. You buy better gear for your current endeavor. The idea of investing is that whenever there is a surplus of something, put the surplus somewhere that makes sure there will be an even bigger surplus in the future.

If you spend all your money every month you stand after 10 years at the same place where you began, a little bit older, a little bit fatter. But if you invest it, the money grows as you grow, and you see yourself richer in every aspect for it.

Everything we invest starts working for us, and in the long run, a lot of work is done. If you’re reading this blog, the idea of compound interest probably isn’t new to you, but there can be compound interest on other resources than money.

Compound interest on time well spent

If you are stuck at work 8 hours a day, chances are you’re pretty tired when you get home. You spend your evenings watching Netflix while eating that heated up instant food you dreaded the whole day. Because you don’t have the energy to cook, or anything else for that matter. That night you decide you need to sleep in the next morning considering how tired you are. And the next morning you barely have time to brush your teeth before it’s time to go to work again.

As the time goes by, you might find yourself progressing at work as you spend eight hours there every day. But outside of your work life not much is happening.

What if you would use that surplus time outside of work and invest it a little? What if you set your alarm just 30 minutes earlier every day, for a start, and read? This great video shows how just half an hour of reading every day amounts to 50 books a year! The books you read will give you knowledge on how to progress your life even faster, which will give you more time to read even more books, and so it goes on. That is how the compound interest of time works.

Same goes for exercising. You put in a little bit of that extra time into physical well being, and you’ll have more energy to do more with your time surplus, leading you to having even more time in the future as you’ll be able to sleep a bit less.

If you write for only an hour every day, you’ll soon have that book you wanted to write, all while still having a full time job.

That is the idea, quite easy in theory, but as always, not as easy to execute in real life. But also as always, if you start small it’s easier, and then you’ll soon see that compound interest do its magic.

This article was originally posted on www.stillstupid.blog

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