You can go through experiences that truly traumatize you. Horrifying experiences. Unfair experiences. You get molested growing up. You see your parent die in an accident. You get beat up and robbed by a gang. You get cheated on by the love of your life.

And these experiences are legitimate reasons to feel unwell. They are circumstances that affect you in ways that sometimes only a professional can solve.

But most experiences are not that traumatic. Maybe one day you miss the bus to work. Maybe you drop your ice cream in the sand at the beach on a holiday trip to Mexico.

You still have a job. You still keep going on holidays.

This is not a post about being happy with what you have though.

In the absence of traumatic events in your life, your daily mood is mostly effected by your health.

So fix your health first.

Here are the four areas of health that you should always check if something feels wrong. If you know you’re neglecting any of these, you should probably take care of that before you come to any conclusions.


This is the most important health factor. If you haven’t had a proper night’s sleep, you won’t function well. Period. Your mood will suffer. Your energy levels will be under par. Your mind won’t be as clear, and you won’t be able to process thoughts as well.

This means that if something slightly bad happens, the probability of you reacting badly will increase tenfold.

So do your best to make sure you sleep long enough, and effective enough. If you know you’re not taking care of your sleep, take the necessary actions to improve it.


There are enough blog posts and articles out there on why exercise improves your mood. I would say these reasons are in short why I’m including this as an important factor to fitness of handling life:

  1. You will have the strength and endurance to handle obstacles physically.
  2. You will be able to get enough energy to your mind to handle them mentally.
  3. Our bodies are wired to hunt and run away from predators. If we don’t use them properly we will become restless and react to trivial matters more dramatically.
  4. You be sick less, and when you’re not sick, you will have an easier time handling what life throws at you.
  5. You’ll start viewing previously negative events as neutral (and sometimes even positive events). Like having to get up to get the remote. Carrying groceries home. Helping someone move.
  6. The chemistry in your body will change completely, which results in more positive emotions in general.


Eating well helps out with all of the above as well. Some foods makes you lethargic. Some foods makes you hungrier. Sugary foods result in cravings that can make you a very hard person to be around.

Make sure that the stuff you put in your body is the right stuff, and you will be fit to handle more of the lemons that life gives you.

Check out this post to get on the right track with your diet.


Yes, meditation is in my opinion a part of maintaining good health. Our society is structured to always try to steal our attention, to always make us want more and not be happy with what we have.

Meditation helps to make you realize that no matter what happens, all you have is the present moment. And in the present moment you can always choose to be happy. The present moment is often a happy place too, unless you are burning alive or currently witnessing someone being stabbed to death.

There are many physical changes that come from meditation too, which will surely help you on your way.

So every time you are feeling cranky, feeling sorry for yourself, feeling that life is unfair — simply being a baby — make sure that you have these 4 areas responsible for your health in check. Reassess afterward, and conclude that life is pretty good after all.

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