Advice on success often frames failure is a great tool. The idea is that if you fail a lot, you will learn more, and go forward more rapidly.

This is true on most cases.

But sometimes failure is just bad.

Like when you are trying to quit drinking, smoking, spending, binging.

The first time you fall, you might learn something.

Maybe even the second time.

But if you keep failing, the failure becomes a pure obstacle.

It’s still okay to fail, and we should never feel bad for failing.

We will keep failing.

What’s important is not if or how much we fail, but how quick we are able to rebound after each failure.

If you go out and binge drink after 3 dry weeks, there is no use feeling ashamed for failing. The only thing that matters is that you keep going, and that you don’t fail again the next day, or the day after that.

You will fall again soon. Just remember to get back up quickly.

I’m currently trying to drink less. It’s been a problem in the past, and it’s starting to become a problem again. I need to stop it before it gets out of hand, so I’ve been trying to minimize the amounts and the occasions of drinking. I failed yesterday, and had a big night out. I have another social event on today, and it would be very easy to keep going now that I’ve failed once. But I will not let one miss stop me. I truly believe this is what make people succeed in the long run.

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