My dream is to write a great book.

I’ve tried to write a great book many times. I plan for a long time. I deeply consider what a perfect book would look like, then I jot out a perfect outline, and name the chapters with perfect titles. I start doing research to find the perfect references. I compare publishers.

But I never actually start writing.

The problem with perfect planning is not only that the work rarely gets completed. It’s that it’s not fun once you know what will happen.

Also, a plan creates expectations.

Expectations are not fun.

Aim for fun first. Fun results in creating more. And if you create more, you have more actual material to work with. More material to make perfect.

As well as writing a book, getting my ideas out through some form of platform, was always the plan too. In the past I’ve spent hours on the perfect name, the perfect website host, the perfect topics.
But what finally made me do this was not figuring out all that. It was the realization to just start with something imperfect, and start writing. I can figure out everything else as I go.
My goal now is to just get my ideas to words on a screen, as often as possible. Sometimes it won’t be a great topic. Sometimes the jokes and the metaphors will be bad. But I’m learning, and I’m getting my ideas out, which was the plan from the beginning.

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