It all comes down to whether you’re in the same team.

A family at a sports game is in the same team as the people with the same colored shirts as them. The common hate of that many people felt toward the mortal enemies on the other side is empowering.

But as soon as the family go to the vendor out back for snacks, the same crowd are suddenly in different teams.

The different teams of whomever will get to order first.

All of a sudden the smiles that were exchanged in the arena are replaced by stink eyes.

And the family grows closer talking shit about the guy who cut in line.

Once the family is in their car however, they all morph into the teams of kids vs. parents. A fight takes place regarding how late the kids will be able to stay up that night. The siblings feel aligned.

Until they get back to their room, which they had to share for way too long.

Think about what team you are currently in, and realize how quick it might change.

As soon as that eviction letter goes through the mailbox, your fight with your partner about who is doing the dishes becomes insignificant.

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