Every job ad tells you to include a resume. If you don’t, they probably won’t even look at your application.

People try to make their resume stand out. So that they don’t get lost in the pile.

But with today’s technology, it’s easy to make a beautiful resume. It’s easy to open a blog post about guidelines on how to make a resume stand out. It’s easy to use a resume-building app.

What else can you do?

Employers are not interested in what you have done. Employers are interested in what you’re about to do if you’re hired.

So why would you not tell them that?

Introducing the future resume.

The Future Resume looks exactly like a normal resume. Take note that a normal resume these days is a resume that used to stand out in the past. Nice graphics, well structured.

The only difference between a normal resume and The Future Resume is that The Future Resume does not include “Work Experience”. It instead has a section called only “Work”.

The “Work” only includes one company.

The company you are applying for.

The work description takes a position of 5 years from now, and describes everything you did for the company in that time. It describes everything you learned. All told in past tense.

Don’t worry about your previous experience, let that be a mystery revealed in the interview, that you will now be 1000% more likely to get.

This article was originally posted on www.stillstupid.blog

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