As the old Buddhist quote goes, the teacher will only appear once you are ready for her.

And once you are ready, she will appear everywhere all the time.

Before you are ready for a new lesson, you will miss it even if a whole chapter is written about it in the book you’re reading. It just won’t stick.

But as when you learn a new word and then suddenly see it everywhere, once you truly understand something, you will encounter it at many places.

People have been telling me forever that you can’t change a person, and trying to make them do/be something is a futile endeavor. I kept trying to make people think like me. I couldn’t seem to understand.

Recently, I finally read an article that made me understand this. And now, I keep finding references of this new truth everywhere I go. And then, when I start behaving in accordance with my new truth, I see instant positive results.

Don’t be frustrated if you read something that seems incredibly wise and it doesn’t resonate with you. Eventually, you will be ready for it, and understand it.

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