We need emptiness to collect our thoughts. 

Imagine your mind like a jigsaw puzzle. Every bit of information you encounter throughout the day is another piece added. 

They fly around in your mind, unorganised. 

In this day and age, information is easy to get hold of. 

And the more information you collect, the more pieces are added to the puzzle. 

More and more space is taken up by this cloud of unsorted pieces. 

But once we stop adding new information, the mind starts laying the puzzle out. Piece by piece. 

Lacking information flow, lacking distraction, the mind starts to make sense of all the information you’ve chewed up. The information is slowly being digested. 

And soon, with enough quiet time, enough emptiness — you’ve completed the puzzle. The information has now started to make sense. 

If we never make time for emptiness, we never complete the puzzle. And we keep adding information, thinking that we keep learning. 

But it’s not until we stop adding, that we finally start understanding. 

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