It’s normal for us to overthink things whenever we have a dream. Perfection is always in our idea of peak achievement, whether it’s sitting on a beach sipping Coronas or directing billions of dollars from a corner office. The perfect desk, the perfect idea, the perfect partner with a perfect body enjoying perfect conversation with the perfect version of you. And so follows perfection not only in our imagination, but it comes along to the drawing board, where the actual plan is being created on how to achieve the dream.

Instead of setting up a business, creating a product, picking up the phone to start selling it, we spend hours on deciding what desk we will have once we have that corner office. We start thinking about pros and cons of different office locations. Or if the dream is to create a website where we can get our message across — we spend hours deciding what color of border that will decorate our front page instead of bursting out the content we started the website for in the first place.

I believe progress lies in imperfection. I believe it’s starting long before you know exactly what you’re even doing. And while you’re doing it, you start realizing all the other details automatically. And continuous acts of imperfection over a long period of time, will eventually result in something way closer to that perfect dream than anything else could.

While I was going through the millions of topics to write about in my first post, I managed to snap out of this state of perfection seeking, and instead I started writing. Inevitably the topic became this post. This post is far from perfect, and this website is not even worth being called a website yet. But I strongly believe in this idea, and hopefully with time, I can look back at this post with a smile.

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