This is my attempt to create a platform for my ideas. I’ll post everything from original mental models, to strategies for self-development, health insights, and book reviews. I get to practice my writing as well as having a place to dump my constant stream of good and bad ideas. You get free content that I’ve put some effort in to make dense and useful. Win-win. Below is a summary of how I got here:

Over the last few years, I’ve gone through what I believe is a complete transformation. I used to be borderline depressed. I smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. I went out and spent all my money on getting drunk. I made up for it all with an inflated ego, a lot of bragging, and eating too much. I ended up loosing important people in my life and made mistakes that I regret to this day. There is nothing special about this sob-story, but somewhere along the line, the accumulation of results from bad behaviors, led me to reach my version of rock bottom.

The turn around has taken awhile. Now, when I stumble upon an old photo or video of my past self, I’m shocked and a little disgusted. I won’t discuss in this post how and why this transformation happened. Let’s just say something happened that made me change, and weirdly now I’m this incredibly happy person with a seemingly hopeful future. I’m closing in on 30, and some might say this type of change is normal for a person in the end of their twenties, and I agree. What I want to explore with this platform though, are the strategies and tools I’ve used to get where I am. I have a background in Psychology and I have a tendency to reflect and analyse everything I learn and experience.

I’ll try my best to make sense of my array of ideas and thoughts. And hopefully you as a reader will find some of it useful. Great ideas evolve with discussion, and I more than welcome your feedback on what you read. Let’s figure out together how to best spend our time on this planet.


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