At the moment, I’m just a blogger. I have many ideas, and they’re what I write about mostly. You could say I give advice on life. I also read a lot, and sometimes I write Book Reviews on what I read.

As long as we learn we grow. The more we grow, the more the world changed around us. As we collect new skills, new paths open up. Life never gets boring. If you’re bored, learn something new.

This page is called Still Stupid. Still Stupid is the mantra I repeat to myself every time I move forward in life. It keeps me humble. It keeps me learning.

Just graduated college? Still Stupid.
Just got promoted? Still Stupid.
Just won an argument with your friend? Still Stupid.

No matter what happens in life, we are still stupid human beings; we know nothing about the world, nothing about our true purpose in life. But that is what is beautiful about life in the first place. Life is continuous discovery. And like the ever repeated cliche: Life is a journey.

So follow me on this journey, and you might learn something, like I have.

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